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Senior Vs Crime

15127 Jog Road

Delray Beach, FL, 33446

(561) 865-1571

About Us

In 1989, some of Florida’s most effective crime fighters were unleashed through the creation of the Attorney General’s Seniors vs. Crime Project.

This Project, sponsored by my Office, allows seniors to be actively involved in their own and their younger citizens' protection.

The Seniors vs. Crime Project is successful partially due to the outstanding support of the Attorney General and the strong partnerships being developed with law enforcement and senior services groups throughout the state.

None of our success would have been possible without the quality work performed by our Senior Sleuth volunteers. We know our success depends on our Senior Sleuth volunteers and their continued support.


The volunteers, known as Senior Sleuths, (1) serve as eyes and ears to inform my office of current issues affecting seniors, (2) educate the public about scams and frauds, (3) provide on site help for seniors making large purchases, (4) assist law enforcement as actors with undercover operations and (5) manage consumer cases referred by my office or requested of the Project by other sources. These crime fighters are responsible for recovering millions of dollars for seniors who were intentional or unintentional victims of con artists or honest businesses.

Volunteers work throughout the state in locations known as Offices. More than 3,000 Senior Sleuth volunteers provide important assistance to the state's crime fighting effort from those Offices or from the comfort of their homes.

Unethical businesses and individuals may believe that their senior target is helpless, when, in fact, the “target” may be working for the Attorney General or local law enforcement in an undercover role.  Few volunteer opportunities permit this level of involvement for seniors in their own protection.


Seniors vs. Crime has several programs to serve Florida seniors.

Office Operations Program

Program Description

A Office is an office, staffed by Senior Sleuth volunteers, where any senior who feels that he or she has been victimized or otherwise taken advantage of can come and speak to a peer. Many seniors will not report crimes against them, especially frauds, due to embarrassment or fear of repercussions. The Office gives them a safe place to make their complaints known. Senior Sleuths will attempt to resolve the complaint, often while the complainant is still present at the Office. Complaints that may be criminal in nature are referred to the proper authorities for investigation. Complaints that are civil in nature may be resolved by the Office Sleuth, referred to the Office of the Attorney General for investigation or sent to another agency.

Key Benefits

  • Volunteers are very active.
  • Volunteers solve senior problems
  • Senior clients get money back or resolution of their issues.

Task 1 – Case Sleuth: Interviews client, records data, determines if case should be worked, interviews other party to conflict, mediates solutions.  Works in local Office.

Task 2 – Media Sleuth: Writes copy of past cases and upcoming events, releases copy to local media,  publicizes capability of Office operation to “beat the drum” and keep cases coming in to feed the Office.  May be done at home.

Task 3 – Research Sleuth: Does phone and internet research to support Office operations.  May be done at home.

Task 4 – Training Sleuth: Trains other Sleuth volunteers in content areas.

Education Program

Program Description

The SVC Education Program offers a senior volunteer or SVC staff person to make presentations to groups throughout Florida.

The two main education topics are FSAIF and SMMP.


A special campaign has been created to help Florida’s seniors avoid becoming the victims of financial fraud.


Seniors will learn how to read medical billings that they receive; identify questionable charges/ procedures and learn who to contact about their suspicions.

Key Benefits

  • Seniors get instruction on scams, frauds, high pressure tactics.
  • Senior volunteers who can advise others on scams get to use their talents
  • Seniors feel they can get help.

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