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John J. Brogan Bereavement Center

5300 East Avenue,

West Palm Beach, FL, 33407

(561) 848-5200

The John J. Brogan Bereavement Center, a program of Hospice of Palm Beach County, offers a variety of services and support tools to assist people facing life-changing events.

The staff at the Bereavement Center are there for anyone in the community who has experienced a loss – families, adults, teens and children. These services are offered at no charge to the families and friends of hospice patients. To learn more about our programs or for more information, please call (561) 227-5175.


The Nature of Grief Series: A three-part workshop experience for bereaved adults which provides information and education in the following areas: overview of the grief process, impact of grief on relationships, world view, jobs, identity, healthy coping and healing.

The Nature of Children’s Grief Workshop: A one-night workshop offered monthly for parents and guardians supporting a bereaved child. The workshop provides education and guidance on how to support children and teens on their grief journey. We provide an overview of how children and adolescents grieve differently from adults, communicating about death, grief and healthy coping strategies.

Grief Support Groups: We offer several support groups designed to provide an opportunity for individuals to share their grief safely and have contact with others who have had similar losses. Before joining any group, each member is seen individually by a John J. Brogan Bereavement Center counselor. Specialized groups are offered for adults, children and teens.

Individual and Family Grief Support: John J. Brogan Bereavement Center provides individual and family bereavement counseling to Hospice and Community families. We recognize the individuality of grief and of expression. Therefore, our counselors utilize a variety of modalities to support adults, children and teens in their grief journey.

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Other Services

Specialized Workshops: Weekly and monthly workshops offer an interactive opportunity to learn and experience creative approaches to coping with grief in a healthy fashion.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support: We assist families coping with the devastation of pregnancy or infant loss. We also offer education on prenatal and infant loss for health care professionals and organizations.

School Support Groups: We offer support groups throughout our community schools – both public and private. These support groups are designed for children and teens who have experienced the death of a loved one.

Messages of Caring: Hospice of Palm Beach County families will receive supportive messages, which give information about the grief process and provide suggestions for coping. These letters also serve as a reminder of our ongoing availability to the families.

Telephone Grief Support: John J. Brogan Bereavement Center staff or volunteers are available to provide supportive contact by telephone after the death of your loved one.

Memorial Service: Throughout the year, John J. Brogan Bereavement Center sponsors Celebration of Life and other events to honor and celebrate the memories of our loved ones.

Coping with the Holidays Workshops: We are aware that holidays and “special days” can be overwhelming and exacerbate grief issues. Therefore, every year we provide workshops for adults, children and teens to gather together and have an opportunity to share concerns and gain some coping strategies for these special days.

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