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Hippocrates Health Institute

1465 Skees Rd.

West Palm Beach, FL, 33411

(561) 471-8876

About Us

Deemed the world’s number one teaching institute in 2000 by Spa Management Group, this historic and thriving center was founded by visionary and humanitarian Ann Wigmore and is currently under the leadership of Brian and Anna Maria Clement, PhDs. For a half of a century, the Institute has helped hundreds of thousands of guests realize that good health is every person’s birthright, and that a life free of disease and pain is our human legacy. The Hippocrates philosophy is founded on the belief that a vegan, living, enzyme-rich diet — complemented by exercise, positive thinking and non-invasive therapies — are integral to optimum health. The Hippocrates Life Transformation Program is a renowned residential program that runs weekly every Sunday through Saturday throughout the year. The entire recommended program is three weeks; however one can stay for as little as one week.

Discover more about our history and the programs we offer including our nine-week Health Educator Course. Envision yourself within our beautiful facilities, discover the many therapies and spa treatments we offer in our Oasis Therapy Center, partake in our upcoming events, and browse our library of publications full of information and research.

Welcome to a community that offers a natural path for you to heal your body, reconnect with your spirit, and rejuvenate your health.

Health Educator Program

The Hippocrates Health Educator Program was developed to provide an extensive learning experience about the practice and teachings of the living foods lifestyle. It is designed to provide you with the necessary fundamentals from which you can successfully live the lifestyle and educate others about it. While the cornerstone of the Hippocrates Health Educator Program is an education in living foods nutrition, the program also provides students with a concise introduction to complementary therapies and related disciplines that are essential for a healthy and well-rounded approach to life. Some participants are healthcare professionals such as therapists, nutritionists, nurses, psychologists and physicians, while others come from non-health related fields; all students, however, share a deep regard for health and nutrition.

Since its inception, this program has graduated students from 27 countries. Many have created or become involved in nutritional counseling services, fitness centers, sprouting and organic farming businesses, and a wide variety of other fulfilling and humanitarian causes.

Life Transformation Program

Vibrant health is the most valuable asset we can ever have. Yet, we all know that good health does not just happen. Like all things of great value, it needs to be nurtured and cultivated with care. This process can be both confusing and intimidating — especially to those who rely solely on hearsay and public information. The Hippocrates Health Institute was created over five decades ago in response to this need. Over the years, we have developed the Life Transformation Program into the definitive blueprint for transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Our doors are wide open to guests with a wide array of intentions, whether it be curing themselves of devastating disease or simply learning to take their good health to an uplifted level. Hippocrates guests come to realize that excellent health is not only possible, but also definite and achievable!

The Experience

We believe that true healing begins in the mind. So, we take you away from the harsh routine of stress and anxiety to a place of remarkable beauty and calm – our 40 acres of tropical woodlands, a place where you can harmonize with nature.

After meeting with physicians and health administrators, clients detoxify their systems through diet and individually-tailored treatments and supplements, which infuse the body with oxygen and allow for speedy recovery. The increase in energy is felt immediately as the body begins to experience recovery to wholeness.

As your mentors and friends, our role is to assist you in exploring the spectrum of natural approaches integral to the restoration of your well-being: superior nutrition through a diet of organically grown, enzyme-rich food, varied exercise from yoga to aerobics in our ozonated pools, massage, homeopathy, juice-fasting and cleansing, compassionate guidance during your initial detoxification process, nature-trail walks, daily health lectures, the use of modern therapy facilities, and many more…

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