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Call 4 Health

West Palm Beach, FL

(888) 422-7352

About Us

Call 4 Health is a leading medical call center with a genuine understanding of the patient’s perspective. Delivering compassionate commitment with quality medical solutions to our clients since 1997, Call 4 Health has a keen understanding of what it is like to face trauma and has developed a sound system to seamlessly balance professionalism with compassion.

Our call representatives understand the difficulties in facing traumas and coping with treatments as well as the emotional and financial strains those challenges present. Our altruistic approach places patients and their families first. Compassion is more than just a word at Call 4 Health, it is what drives us. Customer service excellence is not something we just “talk about” it. We deliver it every day.

Call 4 Health uses state-of-the-art technological initiatives to process up to 2,500 calls simultaneously. Each call is received with compassionate commitment using our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system which can be tailored to your specific requirements through an assigned account manager.

Our call representatives continually create innovative solutions in today’s fast-paced digital world. Call 4 Health is always ready with real solutions consistent with the needs of both the client and the patient. Our staff takes pride in their community commitment as one of the leading Disaster Relief Call Centers during hurricanes or other local emergencies.

Medical Call Center

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Call Center Services Feature:

  • Personal Virtual Receptionist
  • 24 hour Call Handling
  • Insurance Verification
  • EMR Data Entry
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Clinical Trial Recruitment
  • Advertisement Tracking
  • Appointment Setting and Confirmation


During medical emergencies a phone call can be crucial and a deciding factor during critical situations. A timely response or information can save a life and provide treatment to the patient. Medical Call Center takes care of after office hours calls of the healthcare providers. offers medical answering services along with medical outsourcing services to its clients.

Medical Call Center takes the client’s calls and delivers the message to the care providers. Call 4 Health offers its services exclusively to medical & health care providers including hospitals, medical equipment companies, physicians, physical therapists, nursing registries and care providers etc. The care providers offer compassionate hearing to every call they receive. They then offer accurate message management by offering information or advice on the query of the patient.

Call 4 Health acts as a Virtual call center and as the client’s voice, after, before or during their healthcare provider’s working hours. We help them to schedule, keep appointment and answer all the queries of the patients. We act as a communication bridge between the client and their patients providing efficient services to both.

Our Medical Call Center works in compliance with the revised Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our team is 100% HIPAA compliant with the new regulations.

Our efficient Doctor answering service helps in creating a positive first impression along with creating a good bond between patients, doctors, nurses and other health care providers. Call4Health provides technologically advanced medical services, innovative and cost effective solutions to your organization. The Medical Call Center offers efficiency as the health care provider can focus its resources on medical functions and leave such services for the Call 4 Health.

Call 4 Health is a medical answering service that also offers credit card orders for healthcare service providers and medical services who want to sell their product and services. We believe in offering a compassionate approach to the patients and their families facing financial and emotional strain besides the medical emergencies they are facing. We offer accurate, efficient and timely services to the health care professionals and their harassed patients.

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