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What is Medicaid?

Hi, I am Jimmy Miller, an Elder Law Attorney practicing in the South Florida marketplace. I’m often asked, “What is Medicaid?”

Medicaid is a government program designed to assist people who have long term healthcare needs. Although it is primarily directed at the elderly, it can apply to people who are younger and have been determined by the Social Security Administration to have a permanent disability.

Medicaid provides funding for long term care requirements.  Medicaid is distinctly different from Medicare, another program that provides short term illness coverage for seniors, as well as care for people who have been determined to have a disability. Typically, Medicaid deals with long term care, while Medicare provides benefits to cover the costs illnesses of up to 120 days per recipient.

It is very important to closely look at the criteria for Medicaid eligibility. Because Medicaid is designed to supplement, and pay for long term care, there are specific asset and income minimums that the recipient must meet in order to be eligible to receive these long term healthcare benefits.

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