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How Long Does It Take to Qualify for Medicaid?

How Long Does It Take to Qualify for Medicaid?

Hi, I am Jimmy Miller, an elder care attorney in Florida. I am often asked, “How long does it take to qualify for Medicaid?” Medicaid is a long-term health care coverage for people who have neither the assets nor the ability to pay for long-term care. The timeframe to qualify for Medicaid is set by each states, even though it is a federally funded program. Thus, the state of Florida administers federal Medicaid benefits for Florida residents.

The type and nature of aid that you are seeking will determine the time period within which you can qualify. If you’re looking for in-home assistance or aide-in-attendance assistance, in which services are provided at home, that time period can be a period of years.  Because there are waiting lists of recipients awaiting funding, some time-frames can be lengthy.

If, however, you have a medical emergency or a medical condition requiring institutional care, typically the Medicaid process will take slightly more than 30 days from the time that the necessary paperwork and documentation were filed. Generally, Medicaid will also retroactively pay for up to 90 days of benefits from the date of the application.

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